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This website is designed to create a platform for the easy exchange of information to professionals, colleagues and friends.  Much of the information on this site is available in the public domain at sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and numerous sites that document fragments on my life. serves as a library that can be accessed publicly for anyone who wants information on my background, interests and writing.

From my perspective the site creates efficiencies for me, by allowing the easy sharing of information, minimizing duplicate requests. When someone asks the question: “What do you do?” the answer is the general expected response is really what job do you do or what job did you do before retirement. If you have varied interests and interact in diverse social circles, it is harder to provide a quick answer to the “What do you do? question


Electronic information sharing helps succinctly communicate the extant areas of a person’s interests 

Please feel free to use this site as little of as much as you like.


Thanks for visiting.

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