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This 1956 Byers SR - 100 was professionally built for vintage racing. When the car was finished it seemed too beautiful to race and has been a show car up to this point. The car is an Amelia Island trophy winner. The Byers design is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful of the 1950's. The car comes with two bolt-in roll hoops, one symmetrical and one asymmetrical. To go racing, swap the engine and have at it! As you can see, in the corner weight information, the car is perfectly balanced. The chassis was modified from it's 1949 Ford origins by a degreed engineer, who also built the chassis. The development costs of a car like this cannot be underestimated. This car will do what you need it to do, when you need it done. The car still drives nicely on the street and can remain as a street car if you are not planning to race. Best of both worlds.

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