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Sports Resume

Guy Dirkin has spent much of his career in the healthcare industry in sales and marketing, retiring from Novartis Pharmaceuticals in 2019. He has maintained an interest in periodization theory and the multi year development of athletes. Guy has published a number of articles and chapters on sports performance ranging from biomechanical analysis to exercise adherence. He was keynote speaker for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy in 1988 on anabolic steroid use in sport. Guy has also maintained an interest in the public health aspects of obesity, particularly in children. Guy is a committed exerciser and participant in Masters Track and Field events.

Academic Qualifications

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

  • 1985 Doctor of Philosophy – Applied Psychology. Area of interest, Attention and Performance Under Stress

  • 1981 Masters of Science – Sports Psychology

Loughborough University

  • 1976 Bachelors of Education – Physical Education

  • 1975 Teacher Certification

Coaching Qualifications
  • 1979-1985 Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coached all varsity teams at University of Illinois.

  • 1976- National level Track and Field throws coach. Junior level jumps coach.

  • 1978 Olympic Weightlifting Certification by BAWLA (UK)

  • 1983-4 Assisted in writing exam for the inaugural CSCS qualification offered by the NSCA.

  • 1976-1978 Coached most youth sports as a high school teacher in England

  • 2002-5 Board member Strikers soccer Club

  • 2004 – Board Member IMPACT Basketball Club.

  • 2004 Fundamentals of Core Conditioning certification

Teaching Qualifications
  • 1976-78 High Phys Education teacher in UK

  • 1978-85 High School Phys. Ed teacher in USA

  • 1985-86 Faculty, United States Sports Academy

Athletic Performance Highlights


  • Personal Best 2K: 56.40 (1975)

  • 1977 Senior International British Track and Field Team

  • 1975 World Student Games

  • 1972-76 Universities Athletic Union Champion UK

  • 1969-71 AAA’s National Junior Champion

  • 1969-70 English Schools National Champion

  • 1968 World Age Record at 15



  • 1978 World Record in 56 lb. weight for height: 16ft 2in /4.93M

  • 1976 UK Student 100 kg Olympic Weightlifting Champion

  • 1973-4 UAU hammer Champion

  • 1970 English School’s International: Discus, Triple Jump

  • 2011- Race car driver in GT 1 SCCA

Masters Track and Field Performance Highlights


  • 2023 M70 Discus: European Champion

  • 2023 M70 Weight: European Bronze Medalist

  • 2023 M70 Hammer: European Silver Medalist

  • 2023 M70 USA Champion: Discus, Hammer, Weight

  • 2022 M65 Weight: European Bronze Medalist

  • 2019 M65 Throws Pentathlon: European Silver Medalist

  • 2019 M65 Weight: European Bronze Medalist

  • 2018 M65 Discus World Champion

  • 2018 M65 Hammer: World Silver Medalist

  • 2018 M65 Weight: World Silver Medalist

  • 2018 M65 European Champion: Discus, Hammer, Weight

  • 2018 M65 USA Champion: Discus, Hammer Weight

  • 2018 M65 World #1 ranking in Discus, Hammer, Weight and #2 in Throws Pentathlon

  • 2017 M60 World Masters Games Champion: Hammer and Weight

  • 2017 M60 World Masters Games Silver Medalist Discus and Throws Pentathlon

  • 2017 M60 Weight: European: Silver Medalist

  • 2016 M60 Weight: European Silver Medalist

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