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The Dirkin Collection January 2022

The 1954 “Motor Trend” Victress S1A, has direct touch points with, George Barris, Wally Parks, Bob D’Olivio, Robert “Pete” Peterson and indirectly with Wunibald Kamm.The car represents much of the Los Angeles scene, and early post war years in American sports car history. In 1952, Hugh Jorgensen, graduate of, and future Art Center faculty member, designed a car body to “out Jag the Jag” (XK120).  Jorgenson was clearly Influenced by the 1939 BMW 328 Mille Miglia “Bugelfalte”. In 1954, Fred Bodley, the Technical Editor of Motor Trend magazine, and co-owner of a Rolls Royce repair shop, acquired a Victress body from the newly formed Victress Manufacturing Company. Bodley used a rolling chassis and drivetrain from a mid-1940’s Ford with flathead V8 and three-speed transmission. The Ford chassis was shortened and modified to fit the 99-inch wheelbase of the Victress S1A body. Interior by George Barris.
















1956 Byers SR-100. A growing trend among collectors and enthusiasts has been the recognition and appreciation of America’s handcrafted sports cars.  These rare, one-off or low-volume early postwar collectibles cars, meet the needs of discerning collectors.  The best designed of the era were heavily influenced by Italian design.  The Byers SR-100 is the quintessential example of this class of automobiles. Built in the late 1950’s, Dirkin’s Byers SR-100 is one of approximately 10 surviving custom sports cars featuring bodywork by noted California-based designer Jim Byers.  A 2010 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance award winner, it has been driven sparingly over the past 13 years since a complete restoration under current ownership. The February 1957 cover of Road & Track magazine immortalized a truly unique and rare roadster.  “Is This the World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car?” asked Road & Track owner and editor John Bond in the headline of the article.

1970 TVR Tuscan (Wide-Body). TVR was a British Sports Car Company founded by Trevor Wilkinson in 1947.  The name TVR came from Wilkinson’s first name: TreVoR. TVR has specialized in building lightweight sports cars, with tubular chassis, and lots of power. TVR ceased production in 2006. The trademark has been purchased and prototypes of a new TVR exist, but are not yet in production.This car is the rarest factory production TVR, one of 7 built, of which 4 are known to exist today. They were also the fastest ever TVR when introduced in 1970, and held claim to that title until the late 1990’s. This car is powered by a Holman-Moody, ex-TransAm race series, 1970 Ford Boss 302 cu. in. engine. The motor was detuned from 600hp to 350 hp. This TVR weighs less than 2300 lb./1030 kg.  The power to weight ratio of this car is 13% more than a 2020 Corvette C8.

1966 Cannara 1.  In the late 1960’s and 1970’s a design movement took place, with car styling emphasizing predominant angular silhouettes, and whole body triangulation front to rear. These cars have been collectively referred to as wedge- cars. The 1966 Cannara 1 is one of the design anchors in the wedge car movement. Specifically, it is the first car to completely embrace all aspects of wedge design, rather than simply using vector-based or linear design elements. This design is the full, and complete embracement of the wedge theme, both as a concept direction and as a complete car. The Cannara 1 was designed and built by Ray Cannara, prior to attending Art Center and working as a career designer at Chrysler. The chassis is a modified1958 Chevrolet, with a 283 V8 placed in a mid-engine configuration. In viewing the Cannara one sees the overall wedge-shape, but also complex interior and exterior curves

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass GT 1.  The car is a 1989 ex Kelly Challenge Car, with a 1994 Old Cutlass Trans Am body. The engine is 355 cu. in Bow Tie Block, with AFR Heads, Eagle Crank and Rods, and dry sump. Sweet Power Steering, New Tilton clutch and flywheel, newly rebuilt Jerico 4 speed, brand new Quick Change Rear, Wilwood 6 piston calipers up front, JFZ at rear. And new slicks on the car!. In general, the car and driver are middle of the pack. However, in the 2013 rain soaked Brian Redman International Challenge at Road America, the car won its class and was third overall in Group 10. In 2018, a podium finish at the SVRA Brickyard Invitational was a career highlight.

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