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Professional Skills

Guy Dirkin retired from Novartis Pharmaceuticals in 2019 after 33 years in the healthcare industry. The majority of his career was spent in C-Suite sales and contract negotiation, marketing and analysis. Guy began his career a a high school teacher in England and in the United States. He was a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Illinois, coaching all varsity teams for seven years. 

Dirkin's formal education includes a bachelors degree from Loughborough University in sport science and teacher education; a masters degree in sports psychology and a doctoral degree that focused on decision making under stress. Both graduate degrees were from the University of Illinois.

In 2020, Guy was a principle organizer of a virtual worldwide track and field event for master athletes, involving 1500 athletes from 61 countries.

Dirkin is a competitor in senior age group competition in track and field athletics, winning a world championship in the discus in 2018 and 2023. Guy's blend of hands on experience and academic background allows him to coach and mentor others in elite performance, both within and outside of sport.

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